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Investing with CITYGATE offers not only financial opportunities but also the chance to make a tangible difference. By partnering with us, you become a part of our mission to transform lives and communities throughout the UK, creating lasting social change while generating returns on your investment. Join us in building a brighter future, one home at a time.

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We Empower Communities Whilst Generating Passive Income

CITYGATE Housing is a UK-based social housing investment firm dedicated to acquiring, developing, and financing multifamily housing projects.

Where We Operate

We work nationally with councils, housing associations, and local authorities. As there is a demand for social housing across the country.
As long as we have relationships and a supply of suitable properties. We will operate in that area as long as we can provide a stellar service to our stakeholders.
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Partner With Market Leaders In Social Housing

Working with CITYGATE Housing allows you to relax while we do all the heavy lifting. We take pride in our hands-off approach meaning you can enjoy your returns.

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Invest With Social Housing Experts Who Build Strong Relationships, A Family First Approach, Ensuring You Meet Your Goals!

CITYGATE Housing Investments

We align with government initiatives to ensure that our joint ventures are secure and stable. With CITYGATE you’ll receive great returns and top level support.

Work with industry experts in social housing

Hands off investment

We can tailor the investment to match your goals

Government backed initiatives power our investments

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Effective Upside to Property Leasing

We source all the opportunities so you don’t have to.

  • Earn Passive Income From Your Investment
  • Fixed returns over a 36 month term
  • Solidify your income
  • No stamp duty and capital gains tax

Three Investment Options

Choose the package which suits your goals

Social Housing

Social housing benefits offer stable, affordable accommodation, fostering community stability, social inclusion, and economic well-being.

Supported Living

Supported living offers personalised assistance for individuals with disabilities, promoting independence, inclusion, and fulfilling quality of life.


A bespoke investment package is customised to meet investors' specific goals, maximising returns while minimising risks.

Hands Off Investments To Secure Your Future

Social Housing is a new real estate model which has redefined property investment in the UK. It has many benefits to traditional R2R and other models.

Government Backed Initiatives

No Capital Gains or Stamp Duty

Hands Off

Monthly Returns

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More about CITYGATE Housing

Our team has a wealth of experience in real estate prior to social housing. We have used this expertise to become one of the leaders in the R2SH space.

We are able to secure multiple units for those who choose to work with us, ensuring families are housed and monthly returns are paid.

Our Commitment To Financial Excellence

Our team will provide all the information needed to allow you to make the most informed decision.

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We Simplify, Everything.

Steady Deal Flow.

We are constantly sourcing new opportunities, so when you are ready we can support you.

Security Focus.

We prioritise security in our investments so you can relax and collect the monthly returns.


We have multiple levels for our investments so you can start with what's comfortable for you.


We have secured over 500+ units for social housing.

Hear Directly From Our Investors

"Can't recommend enough... "
Grant McEwan
Property Developer
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Property Developer
Dean and Lea
1407 Properties
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Nothing Lasts Forever

There is a limited amount of units and availability. Therefore, our clients have to move quickly to secure their units.
Once the units are gone, they’re gone. To ensure you get the best deals, work with us while we help you.

Invest For A Better Tomorrow

And Leave The Heavy Lifting To Us.

Rely on Citygate Housing for portfolio growth and securing optimal investment opportunities, and managing your physical assets.

Secure your financial future with us today.

Frequently Asked Questions

The security of your investment in Citygate’s model is supported by its strategic approach, which includes careful property selection in desirable locations, conversion into modern residential units, and strong partnerships with government agencies for social housing. This ensures a stable demand and consistent revenue stream, mitigating market fluctuation risks. The financial model is designed for sustainability, covering all costs while promising attractive returns, highlighted by a 13.6% annual return over 5 years for institutional partners and 20% - 22.05% annual return over 3 years with a slight decrease in contractual security of the investment.

The focus on housing vulnerable populations aligns with social objectives, potentially attracting government support and public goodwill, and enhancing the project’s stability. While the comprehensive approach aims to secure investments by leveraging real assets, government collaboration, and social impact, it’s important to recognise that all investments carry inherent risks. However, Citygate’s method is crafted to reduce common property investment risks through its holistic and strategic model.

The process is mapped out to be straightforward:

  1. Citygate Housing secures the property by placing a holding deposit to the property developer/landlord approximately 1-3 months before the property becomes available to the market.
  2. Clients purchase packages directly through Citygate Housing or our third-party partners and funds are being used to pay for the required costs for the property (rent upfront, deposit, sourcing fees) funds are also utilised on some occasions to furnish and decorate the properties to our uniform standards that meet criteria of the providers we will be working with. This process normally takes up to 4 weeks.
  3. While the property is being furnished and staged we will start interacting with several local and national providers to secure the best rate for the units. We also utilise similar websites like Social Housing Gateway, where the providers can submit their offers, but we prefer working with a list of trusted providers that we have worked with over several months/years. This process normally takes up to 2 weeks.
  4. We finalise the offer, review the pre-let agreement/lease from the provider and sign it. After that, we are starting preparation for key & property handover. This process normally takes up to 2 weeks.
  5. After the handover process has been completed, we patiently await for the first payment to arrive from the housing provider/local authority. This process normally takes up to 4 weeks.
  6. When we get the payment in, we pay the landlord/developer, we pay our client (yourselves), we pay our managing partners and keep our margin.
  7. Afterwards payment will be made monthly via standing order. > Payment from the provider to Citygate Housing > Payments from Citygate Housing to the Landlords/developers; Clients; and Managing partners; we will have our Accounts Payable department sending out constant reminders so the payments reach all the parties on time.

Not with the current structure. Citygate Housing signs the lease with the Developer/Landlord and then signs a Sublease with the client as a JV partner, which is also being attested by our Lawyer/Non-Executive Trustee. So the correct answer would be - you will own the right to the sublease of the property you are financially committed to.

We often achieve high rates after going through a bidding process with the housing providers. The starting point of negotiations is 25% on top of the LHA rates and we usually agree on a rate of 45% - 75% above LHA rates from the providers depending on the needs in those specific areas.

This way it creates enough margin for all parties:

  • The Developers/Landlords
  • The Clients/JV Partners
  • Managing Partners
  • CityGate

Also some of the providers are paying us incentives that vary from £1,000 - £3,000 per unit.

You can see our availability spreadsheet after you have signed the NDA and one of our Sales Representatives has gone over all the packages and availability of the Properties/Blocks of flats.

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