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A Community Focus With Strong Financials

CITYGATE Housing emerged as a pioneering force in the realm of social housing within the UK, ingeniously intertwining the dual objectives of mitigating homelessness and offering lucrative investment avenues. At its core, Citygate Housing is more than just a property management entity; it is a visionary business dedicated to transforming the landscape of social housing by providing secure, comfortable homes to the most vulnerable segments of society, while simultaneously ensuring robust financial returns for its investors, spanning both retail and institutional spheres.

Our Team Of Experts

Nathan Cross

Nathan Cross, CEO of CITYGATE Housing, addresses the social housing crisis by offering sustainable, affordable homes, fostering community. His real estate background led to founding Dnac Construction and Dnac Security, enhancing property development and safety. Nathan’s innovative approach at CITYGATE Housing has delivered 400+ homes, with goals of expansion and deeper community involvement. Advocating for accessible, dignified housing, he inspires with his commitment to societal improvement, emphasising the importance of secure, affordable living spaces.

Victoria West

Victoria West, evolved from recruitment and procurement with the Greater London Authorities to a key role in human resources and strategy. Her consultancy period before CITYGATE Housing honed her skills in driving operational and strategic improvements. At CITYGATE Housing, she leads strategy and HR, focusing on a positive work culture and team empowerment. Her journey showcases her commitment to professional growth and strategic innovation, making her instrumental to the company’s success.

Amari Lewis-Simpson

Amari Lewis-Simpson, Head of Investor Relations at CITYGATE Housing, brings a personal connection to his role, having grown up in social housing. His background informs his passion for improving affordable housing, leveraging eight years of experience in the property sector. At Citygate, Amari combines personal insights with professional expertise to foster strategic partnerships and impactful projects, aiming for accessible and sustainable housing. His leadership and advocacy for inclusive policies make him key to Citygate’s mission in transforming the social housing landscape.

Mohammad Haaris Islam

Mohammad Haaris Islam, COO of CITYGATE Housing, applies his extensive experience in property investment and social housing to lead operational strategies. His journey from Lettings Negotiator to heading a multi-million pound property business underpins CITYGATE’s mission to house 100,000 people. Known for his strategic prowess and community involvement, Mohammad also enriches the sector with insights via “The Property Circus” podcast, showcasing his dedication to transformative housing solutions.

Thomas Parsons

Thomas Parsons, Managing Partner at CITYGATE Housing, transitioned from draughtsman to co-founding construction and investment firms, emphasising innovation and sustainability. At CITYGATE Housing, his construction and investment expertise drives strategic growth and social housing projects. His leadership and investor relationships are key to expanding CITYGATE’s portfolio, demonstrating his commitment to transforming affordable housing with a focus on excellence and innovation.

Michael Brailsford

Michael Brailsford, CITYGATE Housing’s Managing Partner, specialises in off-plan property sales, bringing strategic insight and strong investor relationships to the company. His expertise enhances CITYGATE’s development projects, making them viable and appealing. Michael’s innovative approach and leadership contribute significantly to CITYGATE’s impact in the social housing sector, focusing on strategic development and market trends to transform affordable housing.

Jordan Kirkbride

Jordan Kirkbride, an FCA-registered fund manager at a leading £30bn fund, is set to manage his family’s £100mn fund, reflecting his deep financial lineage. At CITYGATE Housing, he ensures institutional funds are managed efficiently, aligning with strategic and ethical standards. Jordan’s focus on detail, progressive strategy, and sustainable growth strengthens CITYGATE Housing’s financial base, supporting its expansion. His upcoming leadership role in his family’s fund underscores his expertise and commitment to excellence in fund management, crucial for CITYGATE Housing’s success.

Sohail Hussain

Sohail Hussain, CITYGATE Housing’s founding Creative Director, infuses the company with innovative branding and marketing strategies. With a lifelong passion for creativity and a proven track record in scaling startups, his expertise in design and digital marketing shapes CITYGATE Housing’s identity, ensuring it resonates with audiences. Leading his team with a vision for compelling narratives, Sohail aligns creative efforts with CITYGATE Housing’s mission, significantly enhancing its presence in the social housing sector.

Samuel Okiki-Oluwa Adetifa

Samuel Adetifa, Vice President of Sales at CITYGATE Housing, leverages his entertainment industry background and sales expertise to drive client satisfaction and engagement. Skilled in strategic sales and building client relationships, he’s committed to CITYGATE Housing’s mission of sustainable development and community enrichment. Samuel’s personal resonance with addressing social needs fuels his dedication to creating inclusive homes and investing in real estate solutions that positively impact communities. His role is pivotal in advancing CITYGATE Housing’s innovative approach to enhancing the well-being of vulnerable populations.

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Revolutionising the Landscape

More Than Just a Real Estate Investment Firm

CityGate Housing stands as a beacon of trust for numerous investors and family offices, thanks to our unwavering dedication to real estate ventures in the U.K. Our distinction from other companies in the real estate sector is rooted in our adherence to four core values:

Step 1: Collaborative Foundations

CITYGATE Housing prioritises transparent and mutually beneficial partnerships, essential for trust-building in social housing.

Step 2: Impactful Value Creation

We focus on genuine community development, ensuring sustainable growth through real social value, not financial engineering

Step 3: United Vision

Our investments are aligned with community progression, with team compensation linked to impactful achievements.

Step 4: Integrity and Transparency

We maintain ethical standards by avoiding conflicts of interest, committing to the well-being of our communities and investors.

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