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Your Nationwide Partner in Property Management

We specialise in offering landlords and developers hassle-free, profitable solutions for their properties. Our expertise and innovative methods ensure that your property not only enriches the community but also solidifies your financial future.

Guaranteed Rent & Long-Term Security

At Citygate Housing, we recognize the critical value of stability and predictability in your property investments. We’re here to transform the way you experience property management by introducing guaranteed rent schemes, complete with long-term commitments exceeding 60+ months.

This ensures that you enjoy consistent and attractive returns on your investments.

Bid farewell to the worries of vacancies and the uncertainties of fluctuating income—welcome a future of steady financial growth. Join us, and let’s make your property work smarter for you.

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A Focus on Social Responsibility

We're More Than A Social Housing Provider

We are deeply committed to fulfilling the vital demand for quality Social Housing and Supported/Assisted Living facilities throughout the UK. Partnering with us ensures your property plays a crucial role in serving the community, offering safe and nurturing spaces for those who require them most. In doing so, not only do you contribute to a significant social cause, but you also secure a dependable source of income. Let’s work together to make a meaningful impact while ensuring your investment continues to reward you.

Comprehensive Management Services

Choosing Citygate Housing means opting for a worry-free property management experience. Our comprehensive suite of services includes:
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Three Steps to Success

Weekly Inspections

Regular inspections guarantee your property's top condition and care, offering you complete peace of mind

Maintenance Coverage

We handle all maintenance, from repairs to major upgrades, keeping your property in top shape at no extra cost or hassle.

Community Contribution

Your property will play a crucial role in supporting local communities, providing much-needed housing solutions for vulnerable populations.

Partner with Us Citygate Housing

Partner with Citygate Housing to join our growing network across the UK. As a landlord or developer, you’ll benefit from stable, profitable management solutions that also meet a vital social need.

Our comprehensive services include guaranteed rent schemes for over 60 months, regular property maintenance at no extra cost, and full management of operational tasks.

This frees you from the day-to-day hassles of property management while ensuring your investment contributes positively to the community. If you’re seeking a hassle-free, financially rewarding, and socially responsible property management solution, Citygate Housing is eager to collaborate with you.

Hear Directly From Our Investors

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Property Developer
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Invest in a better future

… without any of the hassle.

Rely on CITYGATE Housing for portfolio growth and securing optimal investment opportunities, and managing your physical assets.

Secure your financial future with us today.

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