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Understanding Social Housing & Supported Living Investment

Real estate investment is widely regarded as a stable and lucrative path, but the sector’s intricacies can appear overwhelming, obscured by myths and diverse investment strategies. At CITYGATE Housing, we aim to streamline this process, presenting avenues for investment in social housing & supported living.

The Power of Partnership

Similarly to joining forces with a local property investor, investing with CITYGATE Housing offers the chance to cooperate on a more significant and influential scale within the social housing sector. We also manage the relationships with housing associations, local councils, landlords and any other government entity. As the primary partner, CITYGATE Housing takes on the responsibility of identifying and overseeing social housing properties. Our investors come on board as contributing partners, merging their funds with ours to make a meaningful impact. This structure enables our contributing partners to directly engage in the ownership of valuable social housing assets, fostering community development and social well-being.

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Joint Venture Approach: CITYGATE Housing and Investors Collaborating for Community Benefit

Investing with CITYGATE Housing transcends the traditional boundaries of property investment, establishing a partnership between you, the investor, and us. This collaborative effort focuses on upgrading properties in cooperation with local housing authorities, councils, and landlords, ensuring that homes meet the high standards required for tenant habitation. Unlike the conventional rent-to-rent model, where monthly income depends on the tenant’s ability to pay, our social housing investment strategy secures your income directly from government funds. This arrangement significantly reduces the financial uncertainties associated with tenant defaults, offering a more stable and reliable revenue stream. Through this joint venture, CITYGATE Housing and investors work hand in hand to enhance community living standards while enjoying the financial benefits of government-backed income.
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Three Steps to Success

Book A Consultation

Discuss your financial goals with our team. We will explain to you the investment packages we offer and which suit your goals best.

Pick Your Package

Once happy, choose your investment level. Complete the documentation needed online for your convenience.

Receive Your Monthly Income

Once your investment is made, sit back and wait for the monthly income to roll in.

Social Housing vs. Supported Living: Investment Insights from CITYGATE Housing

CITYGATE Housing bridges retail and institutional investors with opportunities in both social housing and supported living. Social housing offers broad, affordable housing solutions, while supported living focuses on homes for individuals needing extra care, each with distinct impacts and returns. For newcomers, social housing provides an accessible start, leveraging government-backed income. Institutional investors may find supported living appealing for its social impact and diversification benefits. CITYGATE Housing enables investment in diverse property portfolios or specific properties. Starting with a diversified approach reduces risk, offering a stable entry into real estate investment. As experience grows, investors can refine their focus towards targeted projects in either sector, aligning with personal or strategic objectives.

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Three Investment Options

Choose the package which suits your goals

Social Housing

Social housing benefits offer stable, affordable accommodation, fostering community stability, social inclusion, and economic well-being.

Supported Living

Supported living offers personalised assistance for individuals with disabilities, promoting independence, inclusion, and a fulfilling quality of life.


A bespoke investment package is customised to meet investors' specific goals, maximising returns while minimising risks.

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Once You've Invested: The CITYGATE Process

After your investment with CITYGATE, we move swiftly to secure and renovate properties, aligning them with the high standards required for social housing. Leveraging our existing agreements with local authorities, we promptly fill these homes with tenants in need. You’ll then start receiving payments as soon as tenants move in, reflecting the direct impact of your investment in supporting community housing needs.

The CITYGATE Commitment

Investing with CITYGATE in supported living and social housing is more than a financial decision; it’s a commitment to community and collaboration on government initiatives. Our process ensures you play a significant role in providing essential housing, receiving monthly returns as a tangible acknowledgment of your contribution. From the initial consultation through to when you begin receiving your distributions, our team offers guidance, expert property management, and transparent communication. We are dedicated to building a meaningful, impactful property portfolio with you, focusing on giving back to the community and engaging in projects that make a real difference. Join us in this rewarding journey towards creating positive social change and securing your financial future through purposeful investment.

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Invest in a better future

… without any of the hassle.

Rely on CITYGATE Housing for portfolio growth and securing optimal investment opportunities, and  managing your physical assets.

Secure your financial future with us today.

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